A Comprehensive List of Cats Cut From ‘Cats’

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*Also denied admission to the Jellicle Ball:

Brittlestix, The Percussion Cat

High Voltina, The Electricity Cat

McHiddenFee, The Airline Cat

Snapple Cap, The Knowledge Cat

Pedialyte Bones, The Hangover Cat

HTTP 404, The Frustration Cat

Papa John, The Reckoning Cat

Dollar Short, The Roommate Cat

Split Check, The First Date Cat

Hi There, The Uncomfortable Email Cat

Bed, Bath & Beyond, The Coupon Cats

Old Rage Tweet, The Political Cat

Cabo Lice, The Spring Break Cat

Adam Driver

Form 1298602-B, The DMV Cat

Stab & Scamper, The DATELINE Cats

Lord White Sneaker, The Retired Dad Cat

Fleece Tears, The Seasonal Depression Cat

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