I Am Gourd Spice and This Is My Year

Let me be clear: I am not my sister.

Pumpkin was legally born Jessica. Even as a child, she feared being anything short of extraordinary. She changed her name. She bleached her hair. She followed a married tea leaf to Seattle. She got dumped and flirted her way through most of his friends until one decided she deserved her own season. The rest is history.

Let me be clear: I am not bitter.

I am 6000% sugar. If I wanted to be in the spotlight, I could be. Gourd Spice is just as interesting. Gourd Spice can surprise and delight. Just last month, I bought my husband, Basil, a custom jet ski for his 40th birthday. He can not use it, but he loves it just the same. I may not be as trendy as Pumpkin, but I am all personality. My blonde is natural, too. I may not be leading the charge on novelty drinks and scent neutralizes, but I have just as much going on right now, all of which I am happy to list:

  1. Pending move from third tier of spice rack to second tier
  2. Recently called “tangy” by a Wisconsin soup supplier
  3. Working on a social justice blog

Let me be clear: I am not bragging.

We all have something to be proud of, it’s just that I have a few more things than most, all of which I earned by staying true to myself instead of, say, selling myself for corporate profit. Not that I’m judging. I am too busy loving my own life.

Let me be clear: I am happy.

Did I mention the jet ski?

Writer, Reader, Animorph

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