Other Changes Coming to IHOP in 2018

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Today IHOP announced they will change their name to “IHOb” for an upcoming promotion. Here are other small changes that will be effective immediately:

  1. Breakfast platters will be called “mistakes” after 9:45 am.
  2. Syrup will be known as “tree blood.”
  3. Looking for a restroom? That’s a “truth closet” now.
  4. Kids menus will now be called “puzzles and fries.”
  5. Canadian bacon will be “meat flannel” going forward
  6. Need a bigger booth? Ask for a “deluxe crumb couch.”
  7. Thats not a waiter. That’s a “butter jockey.”
  8. Please don’t leave a tip. Leave a “moist dollarette.”
  9. Reservations are no longer accepted, but “omelette appointments” are easily booked (via landline ONLY.)
  10. Denny’s. “Wuss fuel.”

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